5 Ways Eczema Parents Struggle and How to Empower Your Child

It’s National Eczema Awareness month in the US! And to celebrate, I have something REALLY, REALLY awesome to show you. It’s something I’ve been quietly working on for the past six months and I’m very happy to share it with you today.

I proudly present, The Eczema Song! Kyle Dine, food allergy singer/song writer and all around wonderful guy, and I collaborated on this song in order bring some fun relief to the daily stress we all must manage for ourselves or children with eczema.

This skin condition is anything but easy and I know firsthand. When my son, Tristan’s, eczema was at its worst, it was incredibly stressful and it really took a toll on our entire family. Some of our challenges, which I’m sure you can relate to were:

  1. Applying cream several times a day – I often had to chase my son around the house, attempting negotiations while on the run and shamelessly bribing him in order for him to corporate. He loves the Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream we use now, so we no longer have such struggles when it’s cream-time.
  2. Sleeping less, much less – My son didn’t sleep well because he was so itchy, but as parents, my husband and I didn’t sleep well either because we took turns cuddling Tristan while he slept to prevent him from scratching himself to the point of bleeding. When we found ScratchSleeves with Scratch Mittens, everyone started sleeping again. We will forever be grateful.
  3. Enforcing dietary changes – This. Was. So. Difficult. Cooking went from easy to desperately hard when we underwent a full elimination diet. And it got harder once we identified Tristan’s trigger foods (sensitivities AND allergies). Thankfully, time has made our new diet much easier and my kids have adjusted very well. Getting my husband on board was another challenge entirely, but all is well now.
  4. Identifying triggers – At first, I seriously considered every tiny, little thing a potential danger for Tristan’s skin. I admit, I may have gone a little overboard and may still be guilty of this, but at least I can say I tried 100%. In the end we found many of my son’s triggers – seasonal, animals, food, laundry detergents – but some still remain a mystery. I don’t want to give up my fight to find the last remaining few, but this is one long, hard fight and I find myself slowing losing momentum. But I can’t ever give up on my son, so the search continues…
  5. Worrying about everything – Will he flare up after eating this? How’s his skin today? Why is he itching? Did I apply enough cream? Will he grow out of it? Will he look back and thank me for trying so much to resolve his eczema or will he resent me for the same? Will kids make fun of him? Will he be embarrassed of his skin? And on. The emotional impact of eczema is just so much to bear. I could seriously write a book about all that I worry about. But I guess, that’s the burden of being a mother. We will never stop worrying about our children.

The Eczema Song is dedicated to all our amazing children with eczema AND their supportive parents & caregivers. May this song make your eczema routines a bit easier to manage and may it empower your children and remind them how strong they are and that eczema “won’t win!”

Please help us to spread eczema awareness by sharing this video with anyone you know struggling with the daily burdens of eczema.

Thank you!

Amazing and strong eczema kids



  1. drharleyfarmer on October 6, 2015 at 11:45 am

    That’s a brilliant song! A little fun goes a long way.

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