The Best Crib Sheets for Eczema

Are you looking for the best crib sheets for baby with eczema? Ensuring your little one has proper bedding for their sensitive skin is an important part of eczema management. It also ensures they get the best sleep possible while staying warm and comfortable. Read on to learn more about finding the best bed sheets for eczema when your baby has sensitive skin. 

Eczema bedding for babies

If your little one has eczema or sensitive skin, choosing the best duvet for eczema becomes extra important. After all, it needs to be breathable enough so that it doesn’t irritate their skin while they are trying to sleep. In addition, because the sheet comes in direct contact with their skin, it’s essential to pick allergy bed coverings that are hypoallergenic and free from toxins or chemicals. This gives them the best chance of a good night’s sleep rather than experiencing dryness or skin inflammation.  

Eczema-friendly bedding thread count 

Bedding can be made from a variety of different factors, including wool, silk, cotton, TENCEL, and bamboo. When picking your bedding, it’s important to be aware of your atopic dermatitis thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads (width and length) that make up an inch of woven fabric. It tells us how closely woven the fabric is. In general, the higher the thread count, the softer and cooler the sheet. A typical atopic dermatitis sheet thread count may have a count of 150 compared to more expensive bedding, which may have a 500-count. 

Best Crib Sheets for Eczema

Olive + Crate Crib Sheets – TENCEL

We adore TENCEL, so naturally, these crib sheets made the top of our list. Just what is TENCEL, you may wonder. TENCEL is a sustainable fiber made in Europe from birch and eucalyptus trees. Sounds rough, right? It’s actually the opposite. Did you know that TENCEL is softer than silk and smoother than cotton? That’s right! It’s very cooling and naturally wicks away moisture too. In fact, it’s such a lovely gentle fabric that it’s recommended now for people with sensitive skin conditions like eczema. You can learn more about TENCEL vs cotton and then decide for yourself which you prefer for you and your baby.

Burt’s Bees Baby Crib Sheet – Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is our next and only other recommended material for crib sheets, and thankfully there are plenty of organic options, unlike TENCEL, which is still new and making it’s way into different products. This fitted crib sheet is perfect for babies because it’s super soft to the touch and not irritating. It’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, meaning it is made of at least 95% certified organic fibers. 

Honest Baby Crib Sheets – Organic Cotton

This baby crib fitted sheet is made with organic materials from seed to final product, making it the healthiest choice for your little one’s skin.  Each crib mattress sheet is 400 threads per inch of cuddly softness. 

Lilly B Crib Sheets – Organic Cotton

Made with 100% organic cotton, this super soft crib sheet is sure to provide your baby with a safe and comfortable sleeping experience. It’s ultra breathable and comes with a waterproof mattress protector as well.

Natemia Crib Sheet

Made with 100% high quality organic cotton, these crib sheets are lightweight, breathable, and silky soft for your baby’s sensitive skin. They come in a huge variety of colors and are made with Turkish cotton, known for being extra soft. So definitely check these out when looking for the best crib sheets for eczema.


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