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Fact vs. Fiction: Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Topical Steroid Withdrawal exists, but thankfully it isn’t as widespread as you may think. Read on to learn more. By Neil R. Lim, BA and Peter A. Lio MD (see bio below) Topical corticosteroids (TCS) were hailed as a modern medical miracle when they made their debut over 60 years ago. For the first time, many…

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The Difference Between Dermatitis and Topical Steroid Induced Dermatitis

By Leslie (Bio below) The term “Eczema” is characterized by a general inflammation of the skin, and covers a broad range of various forms of dermatitis – atopic, contact, xerotic, seborrhoeic, nummular, discoid, venous eczema etc. The typical default treatment (and gold standard) for such generic cases of Eczema is through the prescription and usage of…

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Our Eczema Trials – Cortisone

Ahh, everyone seems to eventually take a side on this one – to apply cortisone or not. I now lean heavily on the avoidance side, but didn’t start out that way. I know that cortisone can help some children or adults for short periods of time, but if eczema continues to be a problem even…

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