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Antibiotics: Are They to Blame for an Increase in Food Allergies?

Do you or someone in your family have food allergies? Then this study will interest you. Scientists discovered that by altering the gut bacteria of mice with anti-biotics they could confer peanut allergy in the mice. Then they re-colonized the mice’s guts with a common mammal gut bacteria and reversed the peanut allergy. All by…

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A First Person Look at Anaphylaxis

by Natalie Honodel  (see bio below) It has been almost a year since my life changed drastically. First, let me go back a few years. Well, fifteen years to be exact. I was in the lunch room in kindergarten when I started breaking out in hives and we were unsure what caused them. After seeing…

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5 Things You Should Know as a Parent of an Allergic Child

Andrea is our local analphylaxis support group leader. She also provides coaching to  allergic individuals and for parents helping their children navigate life with food allergies. I’ve asked her to share her opinions with us about the perceptions of others regarding parents of food allergic children, which seems to be quite a hot topic lately.…

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Different Reaction to the Same Allergy?

By Andrea Thomas (bio below) We stumbled upon our daughter, Brea’s, food allergies when I was nursing. I thought I saw a pattern that whenever I ate certain foods her little body flared up with eczema. It was a hunch that I had, so I began to eliminate various foods from my diet. I had a…

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