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From a Holistic Nutritionist: 10 Ways to Heal Eczema

By Ashley Giordano (bio below) When I was 19 years old, I developed chronic eczema on my face.  It started with the skin on my face turning completely red.  I went the traditional route using antibiotics and cortisone cream treatment, and the problem disappeared until I stopped taking them.  After the third round of antibiotics I…

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How Moving Overseas Can Provide a Different Eczema Treatment

Imagine the stress of moving over seas with a new baby, an eczema diagnosis, and learning to eat on a hypoallergenic diet. Meet Tara, a fellow eczema mom. Not only did her family’s relocation go smoothly, but the move to Scotland opened Tara’s eyes to a different and natural treatment option for her son’s eczema.

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