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Our Eczema Trials: NAET Treatment Review

If you’re suffering from allergies or asthma or eczema, I bet you’ve looked into countless remedies and treatments. A quick search on Google will show you that there are dozens of new treatments and natural remedies that are said to cure these conditions, but many of these treatments come with a hefty price tag. When…

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10 Unknown Eczema Treatments You’ve Never Heard Of

By Laura Dolgy (see bio below) No, really! We guarantee you haven’t heard of all these treatments. If you’ve researched eczema treatments over and over again, then you’ll notice that there are a ton of amazing natural remedies and suggestions out there. Treatments that use coconut oil or aloe vera, as well as practices such…

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NAET and Advanced Allergy Therapeutics: Natural Remedies for Allergies

Today we have a Q&A with Sam Del Vecchioof, acupunturist and a practitioner of Advanced Allergy Therapeutics at his clinic, Alternative Allergy Solutions. You can check out his full bio below. I’m really interested in Sam’s approach as it has some similarities to NAET treatment (which my son, Tristan had done a while ago and that I’m going…

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Stuff Eczema Mamas Say – the Video is Finally HERE!

I am one proud mama. My first ever YouTube video is up! I hope you love it because it’s for YOU! This video is dedicated to all the parents helping their children deal with the daily stress of eczema. Eczema is not easy. Eczema is not pretty. You are there for your child through all…

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NAET Part 2 and Conclusion: Miracle or Hoax?

Here is part two of my post on Eczema 360. If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so here. After the Treatment At the end of each treatment session Tristan could have absolutely no exposure to the substance being treated for a 25-hour period. He couldn’t eat or touch anything made of…

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NAET – Miracle Cure or Hoax, Part One

  If you have food or environmental allergies, intolerances, eczema, or a variety of other health issues, you may have heard of NAET treatment. What is NAET Treatment? NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. According to the NAET website, NAET is “a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and…

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