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How Does Homeopathy for Eczema Work?

By Melanie Dupres (see bio below)

The bathroom cupboard is full of creams, antihistamines, steroids, and antibiotics that have almost passed their expiration date but no longer give you any relief.  You are at your wit’s end and about to give up hope because you cannot find a treatment for eczema that works for you.  It’s time for PLAN B: Homeopathy. Read more

Natural Remedies for Eczema – What Worked For My Son

When my son, Tristan’s, eczema peaked at 3 years old, he was head to toe covered in red, itchy, dry skin that was inflamed and painful looking. I cried on and off throughout each and every day back then out of sheer frustration over not knowing how to help him and with worry about how this may affect his quality of life, both at the time and in the long-term. Sleep was rare because my husband and I had to take turns laying in bed with Tristan to prevent him from scratching himself until he drew blood. And we had a newborn child that needed us the other half of the night. To make matters worse, my husband and I disagreed, rather intensely at times, about how to best treat Tristan’s skin. My husband wanted to jump back to the topical steroids that were being prescribed at ever-increasing strengths by his pediatric dermatologist and I felt in my heart that it wasn’t the answer for Tristan. You can read more about our journey with topical steroids here. Read more

Homeopathy for Eczema by Loma Lux – Heals From The Inside Out

We’ve interviewed Loma Lux so they can tell you all about their homeopathic pill for eczema and how it works.

ILW: A homeopathic remedy for eczema in pill form? Sounds interesting, what is it and how does it work?

Loma Lux: Yes, we make a tiny little pill that dissolves under the tongue, like all homeopathic granules. This one is formulated just for eczema and we call it the Eczema Pill. Unlike topical products which treat the surface of the skin, this homeopathic remedy for eczema works differently, attacking eczema at the source, by stimulating the body’s own recovery response. Used regularly, our homeopathic remedy for eczema helps prevent flare ups from occurring and can lead to clearer, healthy, itch-free skin day after day. Read more

Our Journey of Healing Asthma, Eczema, Allergies with Homeopathy (Final)

It’s been quite a while since I updated you on our homeopathic journey to healing Tristan’s eczema, allergies, and asthma. You can find previous posts on this subject here. And I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a happy ending for you, at least regarding custom treatment. While we saw some minor improvements with Tristan’s health while following a customized treatment plant from Tristan’s homeopathic doctor, after nine months we just didn’t see the results we should have. And nine months of homeopathy was quite costly. Luckily, we have good additional insurance with my husband’s company and so while the visits were covered, the tinctures and granules were not. But I don’t regret having tried working with a homeopath. Yes, I’m sad it didn’t work like we hoped, but I can at least say we tried. Because I do believe the last few remaining answers are still out there waiting for us to discover.

Read more

Our Journey of Healing Asthma, Eczema, Allergies with Homeopathy (Part 2)

Where did the week go?! I just realized that I missed Tuesday’s post! This GAPS diet is really taking over our lives, but still that’s no excuse and even if it was, I think it’s a pretty good one – don’t you? Still, NOT an excuse. Just this week we went for a follow-up appointment for Tristan’s homeopathic treatment and it made me realize that it is way past time I update you on how he’s progressing. If you’d like to read Part 1 of our story, you can do that here.

Things are going much better overall for Tristan. The night-time coughing has completely gone away. Every once in a while he’ll cough a little during the night and he certainly has more trouble when he’s sick, but for the most part he’s fine! We believe this has to do with two things – the homeopathy and the saline nasal rinses we’re doing twice a day. At first I wasn’t sure which of the two was doing the trick, so we took him off the homeopathic liquid tincture as described in Part 1, and after a few days his night-time coughing came back and he had a lot of trouble coughing at school too, which required his rescue inhaler. So, we put him back on the homeopathic liquid and a few days later he was fine again. A few weeks later we stopped the saline nasal washes and the same thing happened, the coughing came back and only ceased after a few days back on the rinses! So, we know for sure BOTH the saline and the homeophathy has really helped with the coughing. And we’re sure now that the coughing wasn’t even really asthma (like we and his doctor believed), but more of a post nasal drip/allergic rhinitis from an allergy that we’ve yet to identify.

The homeopathic doctor has now recommended making some changes to Tristan’s treatment knowing like we do now, that Tristan really has more rhinitis issues than asthma currently. And since he still has trouble with food allergies and eczema, although the latter is mild right now, he’s continuing to treat them with the tincture as well. He’s changed his liquid formula, which he takes twice a day and added a few granules to take once a month, one of which is to prepare for pollen season this spring, which is a HUGE eczema trigger for him. And he continues to take the MMR vaccine treatment mentioned in Part 1.

The new liquid tincture contains:

  • Rosa Canina S ID – 50ml
  • Corallium Rubreau 9CH – 10ml
  • Sporgia 5CH – 10ml
  • Coccus Cachi 5CH – 10ml
  • Kalium Blib 5CH – 10ml
  • Thymuline 9CH – 10ml

New granules at one dose a month, rotating through the following:

  • 2 Dose – Psoriumum 30CH
  • 1 Dose – Arsenicum Album 30 IM
  • 1 Dose – Pollens 30CH

We hope we continue to see progress! With the homeopathy and the GAPS diet, I can’t see how we won’t!





Our Journey of Healing Asthma, Eczema, Allergies with Homeopathy (Part 1)

First, a little disclaimer. Do I really believe homeopathy can cure my son, Tristan’s, life threatening food allergies? No, I do not. Do I even want to attempt that? Probably not, as I don’t want to subject my son to even a little bit of his food allergens at this point. But do I hope to cure or at least improve his seasonal allergies? ABSOLUTELY! Although allergy testing for seasonal and environmental allergies came back negative, Tristan’s allergist and I both know birch and ragweed are at least some of the triggers for his asthma flare ups.

So, just to be clear as we start this journey through homeopathy, what do I honestly hope to accomplish for my son with this controversial treatment method? Read more

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