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Healing with the GAPS Diet – Intro Recap

We are finished with GAPS Intro (follow our journey here) and have been for some time, I just couldn’t find the time to sit down for this recap. When we officially finished Intro I was so put off by how little I personally accomplished on the diet, that I went on a binge fest –…

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Are Escalating Food Sensitivities Hampering Your Life? A GAPS Story

You’ve read some of our updates on the GAPS diet, so for another perspective here is another story from a Certified GAPS Practitioner about her patient’s journey to healing. While the patient has seen improvements, she remains on the diet in hopes of one day being completely healed. Only time will tell how it will…

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An Introduction to Healing with the GAPS Diet (Day 44)

I’m really not sure where to begin as it’s now been one month since my last update and a lot has happened. To follow along on our GAPS journey, visit this page. Updates: Tristan and I are both in stage 4. This diet has become all-consuming – I literally eat, sleep, and breath this diet.…

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