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ALCAT and Food Intolerance Testing

Like with the GAPS diet, I’ve known about food intolerance testing for a long time, but have waited to try everything else before submitting to testing. Why? Because its expensive! Really expensive. And it’s not covered by insurance – at least not in the US or Canada. But over the years we’ve done multiple elimination diets, seen conventional…

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Food Allergies vs Food Intolerance: An Infographic

I love this infographic by YorkTest because I constantly see the words allergies and intolerance or sensitivity used interchangeably. While they all have to do with foods, that’s where the similarities stop. This graphic makes a clear distinction between food allergies and food intolerances (also similar to sensitivities). I do want to make a couple…

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Eczema & Asthma – Testing for Food Triggers

I’ve asked Dr. Farshchian to help us distinguish between food allergies and sensitivities and to help us better understand testing methods for each. While we’re not sure if food is the root cause of eczema, most of us have experienced first hand how food can trigger flare ups. I hope today’s post can shed some…

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A look at Foods effect on Asthman and Eczema

  By Tom Hines (see bio below) Two things that asthma and eczema have in common are inflammation, and an overactive immune system.  One could argue that if the immune system was under control, then so would the inflammation. We hear a lot about gluten, soy, corn, and dairy.  Although these certainly are the big…

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Elimination and Detox Diet – Day 15 Update

I’m well underway with the 28 Day Elimination Diet from Whole Life Nutrition, so far so good. No cheating. I’ve stayed on course. BUT, I do have a confession to make. I only completed one day of the green smoothie cleanse. I only have a standard blender and just couldn’t get my apple/pear/kale smoothies very…

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Different Reaction to the Same Allergy?

By Andrea Thomas (bio below) We stumbled upon our daughter, Brea’s, food allergies when I was nursing. I thought I saw a pattern that whenever I ate certain foods her little body flared up with eczema. It was a hunch that I had, so I began to eliminate various foods from my diet. I had a…

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