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Linking Eczema and Allergies: Is Pollen Causing Your Skin to Flare?

By Dr. Hotze (see bio below) You may be familiar with eczema flare-ups in the winter, as the combination of dry air and extreme temperature changes (cold outside, hot inside) can exacerbate your skin’s condition. However, have you ever considered the correlation between your eczema and allergies? As a doctor who’s treated many people with eczema, I’ve…

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Food Allergies vs Food Intolerance: An Infographic

I love this infographic by YorkTest because I constantly see the words allergies and intolerance or sensitivity used interchangeably. While they all have to do with foods, that’s where the similarities stop. This graphic makes a clear distinction between food allergies and food intolerances (also similar to sensitivities). I do want to make a couple…

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Becoming a Food Allergy Mom

  By Elizabeth Flora Ross (Bio below) “I think she’s allergic to strawberries,” my husband said one night. I was dubious. My daughter’s eyes would water, her nose would run and she would sneeze when she ate them. But I did not recognize those as food allergy symptoms – I dismissed it as seasonal allergies. One evening as…

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A First Person Look at Anaphylaxis

by Natalie Honodel  (see bio below) It has been almost a year since my life changed drastically. First, let me go back a few years. Well, fifteen years to be exact. I was in the lunch room in kindergarten when I started breaking out in hives and we were unsure what caused them. After seeing…

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How food Allergies can Impact Eczema

Thank you to Real Food, Allergy Free for asking me to share my thoughts on the connection between food allergies and eczema. For my son, finding his food allergies made the most significant improvement in his skin. Did you find the same? —– Food Allergies: A Hidden Eczema Trigger When my son was first diagnosed…

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5 Things You Should Know as a Parent of an Allergic Child

Andrea is our local analphylaxis support group leader. She also provides coaching to  allergic individuals and for parents helping their children navigate life with food allergies. I’ve asked her to share her opinions with us about the perceptions of others regarding parents of food allergic children, which seems to be quite a hot topic lately.…

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