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Food Allergy Books for You and Your Child: the No Biggie Bunch

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to some awesome little guys that are big food allergy advocates: The No Biggie Bunch. They may be cartoons, but they have food allergies, just like your kids. Most importantly, they have fun while staying safe. Your kids will relate to their stories like the Sports-Tastic Birthday Party, where…

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Story Time: Teaching Your Child About Food Allergies

A few months back I introduced you to the adorable My Food Allergy Friends book series. Jackie Nevard, the author, was recently telling me about how they’ve been really successful in teaching children about food allergies by reading from her books and discussing the characters during a story time event. I wanted to share her…

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My Food Allergy Friends – Book Review

Jackie Nevard, the Australian author of the creative and adorable series My Food Allergy Friends, contacted me after my son’s first anaphylactic reaction.  She reached out to offer support and share her fears regarding her own son’s anaphylaxis to eggs, nuts, and dairy.  She offered to send us a few things to help us get…

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