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Eczema Awareness Canada: How You Can Celebrate it

Each year Eczema Awareness month is celebrated in November by Canadians with the help of the Eczema Society of Canada – an outstanding organization for their efforts in eczema education and supporting patients. You can read more about Executive Director, Amanda Cresswell-Melville’s, personal journey with eczema here. It’s easy to see where her passion for helping others with eczema stems…

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Eczema Society of Canada – National Awareness Month

November is eczema awareness month in Canada. To help raise funds for awareness, The Eczema Company will donate $1 from every sale in November to the Eczema Society of Canada. It’s a fantastic organization run by Executive Director, Amanda Cresswell-Melville. To jump-start awareness month, let’s get to know Amanda and why she chose to work…

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