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How to Prevent Eczema – New Research on Eczema Prevention

By Mike Arsenault (bio below)

Ten years ago my daughter Emily was born with eczema. Being an acupuncturist, I knew that using steroids on her tiny, infant body could be a very slippery slope, so I used my herbal training to make a simple herbal balm for her. It worked so well that I used it on my acupuncture patients with sensitive skin and eczema and it worked so well for their eczema treatments, that we launched Emily Skin Soothers. Now we have a whole line of eczema prevention soaps and balms that is sold all over the world, including through The Eczema Company. Read more

How to Avoid Bullying Due To Eczema: Children with Eczema Suffer from Lowered Self-Esteem

The side effects that accompany eczema can cause a lot of insecurities and embarrassment. It’s no surprise that a survey conducted by the National Eczema Association (NEA) found that at least one in five children with eczema are bullied at school due their skin condition. Read more

How To Build Confidence in Kids With Eczema

By Jennifer Moyer Darr, LCSW (bio below)

Confidence comes from within and builds over time as children master new skills and develop a sense of competence. While we can’t give our kids with eczema confidence there are some things we can do to help them become more confident and self-assured.

Words Matter

From an early age children pick up on our words, tones, and emotions and often incorporate them into their world view.  This means we can help shape their eczema story before they even begin talking. Take a moment to think about how you describe your child’s eczema. Is it a “burden” or “battle” that you have to “endure” or an “illness” that “fosters strength” and “encourages organization?”  Is it “just eczema” or “a horrible rash?”  While all those statements may be true, reframing negative thoughts/language can help not only us cope more effectively but our children as well. Read more

How Probiotics Help to Relieve Eczema in Children

By Sabra Way (bio below)

Probiotics often come up when discussing possible supplements to use for eczema. The question is what kind, when do you use them and how will they help. In many previous studies involving atopic dermatitis, the probiotics were given to pregnant mothers and then continued in the infant after birth. Results were great, but what if a child didn’t receive probiotics inutero? Will probiotics given only after birth help a child’s eczema? Because probiotic strains have different effects, the results have been variable. However, in one new study, the benefits of probiotics for eczema in children has finally been documented. Read more

4 Tips for Parents On Managing Eczema In Children

By Dr. Peter Lio (bio below)

1. Stop the Itch-Scratch Cycle

One of my favorite techniques to help a child stop scratching is to do a “Skin Reset”. The idea is that if the itch-scratch cycle is getting out of control, you can hit the “reset” button by doing the following:

  • Give a short bath or shower in lukewarm water. Learn about natural bathing suggestions in Finding Eczema Relief: Bleach Bath Alternatives.
  • Gently pat dry and then immediately apply their medication (if necessary) followed by a liberal amount of moisturizer.

This is a powerful way to help wash off any allergens and irritants that may be worsening things, helps to super-hydrate the skin. Read more

5 Things All Eczema Parents Struggle With : The Solution : Empower Children With Eczema With The Eczema Song

It’s National Eczema Awareness month in the US! And to celebrate, I have something REALLY, REALLY awesome to show you. It’s something I’ve been quietly working on for the past six months and I’m very happy to share it with you today.

I proudly present, The Eczema Song! Kyle Dine, food allergy singer/song writer and all around wonderful guy, and I collaborated on this song in order bring some fun relief to the daily stress we all must manage for ourselves or children with eczema. Read more

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