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Are you thinking of trying the GAPS diet? Do you wonder how you will get your family on board? Or are you on the GAPS diet and have questions? Get all of your questions answered LIVE with Jennifer Scribner at our LIVE Facebook Chat session Wed. May 21st 8-9PM EST   LIVE Facebook Q&A with @jenscribner…

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A First Person Look at Anaphylaxis

by Natalie Honodel  (see bio below) It has been almost a year since my life changed drastically. First, let me go back a few years. Well, fifteen years to be exact. I was in the lunch room in kindergarten when I started breaking out in hives and we were unsure what caused them. After seeing…

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Asthma and the ER: When to Go

By Selena (bio below) My daughter is a little over 3 years old now, but this story takes place when she was one month shy of her second birthday.  The night was mostly a blur, but I recently worked on jogging my memory about the series of events that led up to my daughter’s asthma attack and…

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