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After an Anaphylactic Reaction – The Road to Recovery

It’s been just over two weeks since Tristan’s first anaphylactic reaction. Since then I’ve realized a few things and learned even more from all the supportive comments and words of encouragement from all of you (which I am extremely grateful for! Thank you!). 1) False negatives with food allergy tests are more common than you’d…

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Living with Allergies: How to Manage and Enjoy

My next guest approached me and wanted to write something for the blog. I think we can all learn from one another so I was happy to have her share her experiences with us. After reading her piece I was really taken aback. I found it very well written and quite informative. I also found…

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Top 10 Food Allergy Misconceptions and Myths

By Missie (a mother whose daughter is allergic to peanuts) People are very emotional about food allergies, especially in regards to children with food allergies.  We, the parents of kids with food allergies, want to feel that our kids are safe when we send them off to school.  On the other side, parents whose children…

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