Steeltainer Review & Discount – Lightweight, Functional, and Eco Friendly Food Containers

With Tristan heading off to school, I had to start seriously thinking about his lunches away from home. Food allergies would make it impossible for him to eat anything from the school menu. It was time to wrap my head around preparing his meals for school everyday. I searched for some eco-friendly, reusable food containers for my little man’s daily lunch and two snacks. At home we use glass containers for food storage, but those suckers are heavy. Can you imagine 2-3 of those packed in a four-year-old’s back pack? No,I don’t think so – my son is definitely not a mule.

I found a great solution in Steeltainer’s products. I tested out the Compact Divided Snack Container and the Deluxe Sandwich Salad Container.

How are Steeltainer containers different and what makes them so fantastic? Here are the winning points in my book:

1) While the exterior and lid is made from dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic, the interior is composed of leak-proof stainless steel. Who wants their food touching plastic that could potentially leech into their food? Not me!

Steeltainer’s Deluxe Sandwich Salad Food Container

2. The Compact Divided Snack Food Container has a removable divider for easy cleaning. Also, simply remove the divider to use the full container for something other than veggies and dip. You can change the size of the compartments too!

Steeltainer’s Compact Divided Snack Container

3. They are super lightweight – just like plastic.

4. I love that the lids are clear. There is absolutely zero guessing about what lies inside. No surprises for the teachers or for my child.

5. All parts are dishwasher safe – a MUST for any family, I imagine. We washed ours on the top rack and they came out in perfect shape.

6. Very easy to clean, even without a dishwasher. The stainless steel liner can be easily removed to remove every speck of food. No chance of food build up here.

7. They come in great sizes for kids. The Compact Divided Snack Container and Deluxe Sandwich Salad Container fit perfectly in most lunch boxes.

8. An added bonus, all parts are recyclable. That’s one less household item eventually (years and years from now) headed to the landfills.

The only negatives for me are 1) they are not microwave-safe. Hello! Metal in the microwave, not a happy coupling.  And 2) the containers are made in Korea. Ideally, I’d love to supply my home with only locally made goods, but sadly, that’s just not a reality. My motto is: Buy local when you can, but don’t feel too guilty when you can’t.


Exclusive Discount offer:

Steeltainer is offering It’s an Itchy Little World followers 10% off any of their products. Simply mention this review and call or email the company to place your order.


Phone: 514-694-7283 (Montreal, Canada)

Offer valid until October 3, 2012 for orders shipping to the US or Canada.


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  1. Tracy Bush on September 5, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    These are awesome! I was using a similar product but it’s all plastic. I will have to take a peek at these!

    • Jennifer on September 5, 2012 at 12:53 pm

      Yes, they really are great! Hope you love them as much as we do.

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