Allerject Video Interview: An Anaphylaxis Story

Most of you know my son has anaphylaxis to sheep’s dairy of all things. You can read about or first and only anaphylactic reaction here. It’s not one I wish to repeat. Cow’s dairy is an allergy for my son as well as some tree nuts, but they are more moderate and to date have not been life threatening. We keep an epinephrine auto injector on us as all times, just to be safe. Yes, it’s rare that my son, Tristan, would eat a bite of something cross contaminated with sheep’s milk or cheese, unless we are at a Greek restaurant, but still, it’s better to be on the safe side AND we never know if he was exposed to cow’s or goat’s dairy or tree nuts, if his reaction could be more severe the next time. So, we play it safe because it’s better than being sorry.

Allerject and KoziEpi Pouch

Our Allerject and KoziEpi pouch.

A few months ago Allerject (AuviQ in the US) contacted us for an interview about Tristan’s allergies and his anaphylactic reaction. I was thrilled to help out because we love Allerject. Since it was first introduced on the market over a year ago, it’s what we’ve kept on hand, at school, camp, and at home. We switched from EpiPen because the Allerject talks to us – it’s the reassuring voice of authority that literally talks you through the steps of injecting the epinephrine.  Yes, that’s right, it talks to you! Anapahylaxis is scary and while there aren’t many steps to safely inject epinephrine, it can still be overwhelming and easy to forget what exactly you need to do when faced with this life threatening emergency. With Allerject it takes the guessing out, you just follow the voice’s instructions.

No, I’m not a spokesperson for Allerject and I haven’t been compensated in any way. I just like Allerject and wanted to make sure you knew about it as another epinephrine option and to share our video with you.

Please tell us about your experience with anaphylaxis. Do you prefer Allerject/Auvi-Q, EpiPen or TwinJect? Why?


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  1. RihoZN on June 14, 2014 at 5:01 pm

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    By the way, if you hold a ratio of 3:1 or lower then all life style diseases (skin, joints, asthma, allergies, diabetes 2, high blood pressure, thyroid, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, weight-loss, alzheimer`s and so on) will start disappearing.
    I got ride of my psoriatic arthritis. For example my first test ratio was 8,4:1, second after four months 3,4:1 and third a year later 1,6:1.

    • Jennifer on June 17, 2014 at 10:24 am

      Interesting, thank you!

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