Food Allergy Books for You and Your Child: the No Biggie Bunch

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to some awesome little guys that are big food allergy advocates: The No Biggie Bunch.

They may be cartoons, but they have food allergies, just like your kids. Most importantly, they have fun while staying safe. Your kids will relate to their stories like the Sports-Tastic Birthday Party, where having food allergies doesn’t mean staying home – quite the opposite! The No Biggie Bunch reinforces the idea that birthdays can be fun when you come prepared.

Food Allergy Books for Kids - No Biggie Bunch Sports-Tastic Birthday Party

And for parents…check out this incredible empowerment guide Everyday Cool With Food Allergies. It’s an excellent tool to read with your children as it will help answer many of their questions or worries about living with food allergies. It’s a great resource for teachers, caregivers, grandparents and babysitters too. Why is it so helpful? Because it opens up dialogue about food allergies and offers problem solving techniques to help your child embrace his food allergies. This guide is a great tool for classrooms and educating both teachers and children about food allergy safety, while encouraging questions, discussing fears, and offering encouragement.

Food Allergy Books for Kids - Everyday Cool With Food Allergies - No Biggie Bunch

I first met Heather Mehra, co-creator of the No Biggie Bunch, at the Food Allergy Blogger’s Conference in 2013. I purchased a book for my son, Tristan, and Heather graciously signed it. Of all the goodies I brought home from the conference, this book was the highlight for both my kids – they love books – and they really connected with the No Biggie Bunch characters. Heather and I have since met up again in Boston during the National Eczema Association Patient Conference 2014 and teamed up for the Camp Wingate giveaway I hosted last summer. Heather later went to visit the camp and shared her experience with us here.

So, not only am I a fan of the No Biggie Bunch books, but I am a fan of Heather’s too!

Heather Mehra, Donna DeCosta, Jennifer Roberge at FablogCon 2013

Buying a No Biggie Bunch book for Tristan at the FablogCon 2013 event. (From left to right) Heather Mehra (No Biggie Bunch), Donna DeCosta (Food Allergy Mom Doc), Jennifer Roberge (It’s an Itchy Little World).


  1. Camilleta on October 28, 2014 at 9:24 am

    These books look awesome, I will have to get them for my kiddos!

    • Jennifer Roberge on October 28, 2014 at 10:55 am

      Hi Camilleta – they really are great. We love them!

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