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Soothing the Eczema Itch – Try Green Tea Powder

I found a recent blog post by Green and Bitchy to be super interesting. The itching with eczema can be so intense and so horrific, it’s just not possible or humane to sit there and let our little ones suffer through a round of it. We’ve tried all the anti-itch creams you can imagine and…

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Perspective and Blood Test

Since Tristan reacted positively to hazelnuts in a skin prick test and he’d developed a skin rash after eating almonds and walnuts, his allergist recommended he undergo an IgE blood test. We made an appointment at the children’s hospital, but of course still had to wait. Thankfully this place knows kids. They were playing a…

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Eczema Blues: Staying Positive as a Stressed Parent

It’s my first guest blogger! Welcome to Marcie’s Mom! Hers was one of the very first eczema blogs, Eczema Blues, I came across that was targeted to parents. I particularly like her cartoons about how our life, dealing with eczema, is quite different from other parents. And she has just started a support group for…

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Our Family’s Battle with Eczema (Part 1 of 2)

Eczema is part of my life. I have become consumed by it. I have literally hit the ground running into battle. The battlefield unfortunately is the body of my innocent 3-year-old son, Tristan. He was diagnosed with baby eczema at 3 months of age when we first saw the obvious signs, dry itchy skin patches,…

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