5 Natural Diaper Rash Home Remedies

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Jenny Silverstone (see bio below)

You went to change your baby’s diaper and noticed the few red bumps that were there earlier in the day have upgraded to a full-fledged diaper rash. How can you help that rash clear up as soon as possible without compromising your commitment to natural remedies?

It’s a cinch with these five natural diaper rash home remedies.

1. Organic Manuka Honey Soothing Cream

This balm is creamy and rich. It’s an overall cream that’s great for soothing extremely dry skin and healing diaper rash and other irritations. If your baby struggles with eczema too, this might help.

The ingredients in this balm are organic active 16+ New Zealand Manuka honey, Manuka oil extract, organic olive oil, organic beeswax, filtered water, and grape seed oil. Those are all-natural ingredients you can feel good about.

What you won’t find in this product are fragrance and preservatives, making it a good choice for those who want to solve their skin issues naturally. It also makes a great diaper rash remedy

While some balms can feel sticky, this one won’t.

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2. Letting It Air Out

If you notice your baby’s rash at 2 a.m. and you don’t have any products in your home that will help, take advantage of the free diaper rash aid everyone has access to — air.

Letting your baby’s bottom air out can help dry up that rash. It won’t be further irritated by the fabric or material of their disposable or reusable diaper.

The only issue with this diaper rash natural remedy is that it only works when you are at home because it’s going to require some diligence on your part. Your baby will pee — and if it’s a boy, that can get pretty messy.

You can put your baby on its tummy on a blanket or a waterproof pad on the floor. That will contain the pee from spraying wildly if you have a boy. But some babies may fuss during tummy time, even though it’s good for them.

You can also try loosely wrapping your baby in a towel and holding him. That will give you some protection while also letting more air circulate on that rash. Make sure you’re wearing old clothes though!

3. Coconut Oil

When you reach for the coconut oil for your baby’s diaper rash, you should look for organic if you can.

Why does coconut oil work so well for this? It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s a great and inexpensive remedy to use. Although it isn’t as creamy as some other balms or ointments you can use, it coats the skin nicely, providing a good barrier against wetness.

Prolonged wetness against the skin is one of the contributing factors of diaper rash.

While coconut oil will help all on its own, some moms like to mix it with some shea butter to give it a longer lasting, thicker coating.

Keep in mind, coconut will be a solid at room temperature. To get it to melt, scoop some out into your hand and let your body heat work its magic. Then you can put it on the diaper region, and let it air dry a minute or two before putting on the next diaper.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar

When your child has an inflamed, oozy, diaper rash, you can try apple cider vinegar as a natural diaper rash remedy. What you shouldn’t do is take out a bottle of it and start rubbing it full strength on your baby’s bottom though.

While it does have healing properties, raw vinegar on that rash may cause some stinging or discomfort for your baby. Plus, your baby won’t exactly smell the greatest if you use it full strength — to themselves or to you!

Try putting two or three tablespoons into their warm bath water, and letting them sit in it for a few minutes.

5. Yogurt

This treatment may sound a bit more unconventional than some others on this list. But if the diaper rash is caused by yeast, it can be effective and soothing for your baby.

If you suspect yeast is the culprit, buy some plain yogurt that contains acidophile cultures. Take the yogurt, grab a small scoop and apply it liberally to the diaper region.

You’ll want a thick layer. The cooling effect may feel good on your baby’s bottom. But if they cry when you put it on, you can rub it around on your own hands first to warm it up some before applying.

When it comes time for the next diaper change, you’ll just wipe it off with a wet wipe and put on a fresh coat.

It Will Go Away

Diaper rashes can be a pesky part of having a baby. But with the right products and diaper rash home remedies, they usually clear up quickly.

Sometimes rashes don’t seem to bother babies much at all, while other times, they can. Just try to stay on top of the rash by changing your baby more frequently than usual and giving them as much fresh air on their bottom as possible.

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Bio: Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two, an author at Studyclerk, and an editor for the popular parenting blog Mom Loves Best. Jenny is passionate about finding more natural and eco-friendly methods of parenting and enjoys sharing tips for cloth diapering, babywearing and diaper rashes.

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