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Atopic Girl: Welcome!

By Tristan I am apparently a textbook atopic case. I developed eczema a few days after birth. At the age of nine, I began to develop food allergies. From the ages of 9 to 17, the number of food allergies I had increased. I currently have known allergies to eggs, dairy, shellfish and some nuts.…

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Emer: An Eczema Story

Meet my friend Emer. She keeps me, and everyone that knows her, entertained with her dry, witty and very honest humor. I wasn’t aware of all the skin conditions and allergies she’s suffered with over the years until she came forward on my FB page after reading that my son had been going through some similar…

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Top 10 Food Allergy Misconceptions and Myths

By Missie (a mother whose daughter is allergic to peanuts) People are very emotional about food allergies, especially in regards to children with food allergies.  We, the parents of kids with food allergies, want to feel that our kids are safe when we send them off to school.  On the other side, parents whose children…

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Eczema Blues: Staying Positive as a Stressed Parent

It’s my first guest blogger! Welcome to Marcie’s Mom! Hers was one of the very first eczema blogs, Eczema Blues, I came across that was targeted to parents. I particularly like her cartoons about how our life, dealing with eczema, is quite different from other parents. And she has just started a support group for…

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