Using Clothing for Eczema Therapy: Introducing Remedywear!

clothing for eczema remedywear

Although skincare might be an important step in finding relief, clothing for eczema can also be extremely beneficial for healing sensitive skin and should always be considered when beginning eczema therapy of any kind.

Discover why clothing is so important when it comes to eczema, as well as which type of garments to look out for to heal skin naturally and effectively.

Why Use Clothing for Eczema Therapy?

So what makes eczema clothing so beneficial? And why should it be part of your healing journey?

Well for one, clothing made specifically for eczema can be used for wet wrap and dry wrapping eczema therapy. These two therapy methods can be done with gauze bandages, yet using special eczema-specific garments can be easier, more effective (depending on the fibers used) and less expensive in the long run since they can be reused time and time again.

Additionally, choosing the right clothing for your sensitive skin is also important as certain materials and fibers found in every day clothing can actually irritate eczema.  And while cotton is a popular choice for eczema, it’s actually not as soft as some new fibers like TENCEL fabric. Specialty clothing that is made for eczema in mind is usually created with soothing fibers and non-irritating materials that are optimal for sensitive skin. Additionally, clothing for eczema is often free of itchy seams, non-breathable fabric, allergens or chemicals. Sounds amazing, right?

To learn more about the importance of natural fibers for eczema, check out our blog post Why Natural Fibers are Essential for Eczema Clothing?

Types of Clothing for Eczema

Like previously mentioned, there are many different specialty eczema garments such as socks, bands, shirts, and pants that can be found to offer eczema relief.

To find clothing that is beneficial for sensitive skin make sure to look for natural fibers like organic cotton, sustainable bamboo and TENCEL made from birch pulp.

You should also make sure that the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals like pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Note: Most clothing that meets these standards will be certified organic, certified pesticide-free or OEKO-TEX certified.

Cotton and bamboo are quite well known, but one lesser known fabric that is growing in popularity due to it’s softer than cotton reputation is TENCEL.  This fabric uses eco-friendly and natural wood pulp fibers, usually from European birch trees. Not only does TENCEL beat the softness of cotton, but it has the breath-ability of linen, smoothness of silk, and the antimicrobial properties of wool.

What is Remedywear™?

Remedywear™ eczema garments combine TENCEL fibers with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory zinc oxide for eczema to create clothing that is soothing and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Remedywear is also OEKO-TEX certified, free of nylon, nickel and only uses allergy safe dyes.

Remedywear™’s blend of fibers have also been clinically proven [1] to reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis, reduce itchiness and improve quality of sleep when work overnight for three consecutive nights.

Remedywear™’s soft clothing for sensitive skin and eczema has a variety of different garments that can be used on the entire body or for spot treating.

Please refer to our recommendations below to learn more about Remedywear™ zinc and eczema clothing.

Remedywear™ was awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™.

Clothing for Upper Body Eczema

If you’re suffering from hand eczema, then you’ll want to check out these Remedywear™ Adult Gloves for Psoriasis and 

Clothing for Eczema - Remedywear 1

Eczema, as well as Remedywear™ Kids Gloves.

These gloves are not only soothing, but are specifically designed for eczema on fingers, nails, and palms. They also provide a protective layer from external allergens or irritants that might cause skin to flare.

If you’re looking to treat arm, elbow or wrist eczema, we suggest checking out these Remedywear™ Eczema Bandages for Babies to Adults. The short pairs ted to be best for kid’s arms to protect dry, sensitive skin or can be used as a wrap for dry wrapping. The long pairs work well for adult arms. The wraps are form-fitting and can be worn under clothing without adding any bulk.

For chest, back, shoulder or stomach eczema, check out this Remedywear™ Adult Long Sleeve Shirt or this one for Kids that can help combat the urge to scratch. The shirt also provides soft, breathable fabric which is essential for anyone suffering from eczema or psoriasis. It can be easily worn as an undergarment or as a shirt on its own.

For breast or chest eczema, make sure to check out this  Remedywear™ Bra which was made for allergy-prone skin. This bra offers support without an underwire while providing moisture wicking properties, so that skin can breathe freely.

For eyelid eczema or eczema around the eye, check out this Remedywear™ Eye Mask for Adults and this one for Kids. The nourishing TENCEL and zinc-embedded fibers offer anti-bacterial properties while keeping skin soothed and protected.

Neck eczema can also be protected with these Remedywear™ Scarves for Kids and Adults that are stretchy and can be wrapped around multiple times. Also helps protect skin from relentless scratching.

The best part? Remedywear™ clothing is moisture-wicking which means that it’s comfortable to wear all day and night and will help prevent triggering eczema caused by sweating.

Clothing for Lower Body Eczema

To heal leg and knee eczema, make sure to check out these Remedywear™ Pants for Adults in unisex sizing. The pants come in kids sizes as well. For groin or buttocks eczema, these Remedywear™ boxer briefs are wonderful! They may be made for men, but they are super comfy for ladies too. The underwear and pants protect itchy skin while providing soothing relief from breathable TENCEL and embedded zinc fibers. They can be worn underneath regular pants for daytime wear or as pajamas for itch relief overnight.

Clothing for Eczema - Remedywear 3

Again – if you need natural products for eczema that spot treat the area, the Remedywear™ Eczema Bandages for Babies to Adults can provide immense relief for tougher areas like the in front or behind the knees (which build up moisture quickly). The short style works best for that area. While, the longer bands work better on full legs, but always make sure to check sizing!

If you suffer from eczema on feet and can’t seem to find relief from skincare alone, these Remedywear socks for adults, as well as socks for children can provide needed moisture-wicking properties while keeping skin smooth and well protected.

Eczema Therapy - Remedywear

Not only are they great for treating toe, heel, top of feet, but their length can also spot treat ankles and lower spots on calves.

When looking into eczema therapy, we recommend researching various clothing for eczema that works for your eczema and triggers. Many eczema sufferers have found relief not only through natural eczema treatments, but by using clothing to protect skin from infection or by using it in both wet and dry wrap therapy.

Have you tried any clothing for eczema? We’d love to hear about your take on clothing as eczema therapy below in the comments or on our dedicated Facebook group.


[1] Wiegand, 2013, Skin-protective effects of a zinc oxide-functionalized textile and its relevance for atopic dermatitis. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol; 6: 115–121.

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