Celebrating Naturpahic Medicine Week

By: Dr. Amy Duong, ND

It’s time for the third annual Naturopathic Medicine Awareness Week, which was designated by the U.S Senate in 2013.   During this week, naturopathic physicians throughout the world share with everyone how to support wellness in body, mind, and spirit with natural, safe, and effective therapies.  Today, I’d like to share some notable facts about Naturopathic Medicine and some ideas for you to join in the spirit of health and happiness.

dr. amy duong enjoying the fall harvestWays to celebrate NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE week!

  1. Go to the farmer’s market this week!
  2. Buy seeds to plant some herbs or vegetables in your garden or for your home!
  3. Take a walk with the whole family or enjoy another activity in nature – going to the beach or visiting a local farm to pick fall apples!
  4. Start a daily juicing or green smoothie habit to nourish every cell in your body!
  5. Try naturopathic medicine! If you can’t find a naturopath near you or would like to try phone/Skype consultations with me, the phone/ Skype consultations are $20 off the initial price for this week.  Check out naturalskindr.com

what is naturopathic medicine

what are the 6 principles of naturopathic medicine




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