Baby to Toddler Sleep Sack (7 Reasons You Should Try One for Eczema)

Sleep sacks with sleeves are great for itchy babies and toddlers with eczema.

From insomnia and restlessness to hair pulling and scratching from eczema or allergies, a baby to toddler sleep sack is one of the most simple and effective ways to help your child get great sleep with none of the hassle. Often overlooked, sleep sacks, also known as eczema sleeping bags, provide a safe, secure, and easy-to-use option for any parent who wants to ensure that their child gets deep, healing sleep night after night. They are available in sizes for infants up to toddlers and some even come in expandable sizes to grow with your child. Sleep sacks deliver a whole array of benefits, and we’re going to explore some of them with you today!

1. Big Comfort, Low Cost

If you’re concerned about keeping your child warm and comfortable with a baby to toddler sleep sack, but have been put off by the cost of comforters, duvets, blankets, and top sheets – sleep sacks offer a wonderful solution. With just one sleep sack you can bundle your child up so that they stay in perfect temperature no matter what season it is. This allows you to cut out all the extra blanketing so that you can save money, hassle, and laundry!

2. Warm Through The Night

If your child has the tendency to wake up during the night because they’ve rolled out of their blankets or kicked them off and gotten cold, sleep sacks are the solution! A sleep sack can’t be taken off by most children in their sleep, so they’ll stay warm and cozy all night which will help them sleep all the way through the night.

3. Easy Breathing

Many parents worry about their children using loose blankets and sheets because of the risk of suffocation. When you use a baby to toddler sleep sack, your child is bundled up in a way that the fabric cannot pose a threat to their breathing. They’ll be able to stay more open and clear through the night and you’ll rest easy knowing they’re safe and sound.

4. Happy Hands And Feet

If your child gets adventurous during the night and gets their hands or feet stuck in crib bars, between the mattress and the crib, or somewhere else, the perfect solution is sleep sacks for toddlers and babies! Keep wandering hands and feet in check while also adding to the overall comfort your child experiences while they sleep through the night.

5. Sleep Queues

By using a baby to toddler sleep sack, your child quickly becomes accustomed to the comfort this provides them as they drift off to sleep and they fast become a part of your child’s sleep queue or bedtime routine. Many parents find their toddlers bring their sleep sacks to them to let them know they need a nap and often still use them as comforters as older toddlers even when they no longer fit into them. Their association with comfort, warmth and good sleep is a strong one.

6. No More Scratching! 

The Bamboo Bubby Bag Toddler Sleep Sack with Sleeves is designed with attached mittens. For kids with itching issues caused by allergies, eczema, and other problems, the Bamboo Bubby Bag can dramatically cut down on how much damage they do to their sensitive skin through scratching. These types of sleep sacks help keep hands and feet secure so that your child is more likely to drift off to sleep and leave the itching alone. For many kids, a small itch turns into something that keeps them up all night because scratching only feeds that cycle. A sleep slack with sleeves and mittens can help stop the itching-scratching cycle so that you and your child can get the rest you need every night.

A sleep sack with sleeves prevents itchy babies from scratching their eczema.

7. Adjust-a-Size & Save 

The Bamboo Bubby Bag grows with your child. One size will fit your child from infancy to around age 2-3, saving you the cost of continually purchasing the next size up as your child grows.

Bamboo Bubby Kelly Northey

Now, if your child suffers from itchy skin, make sure to look into natural eczema treatments for babies for soothing relief. Together with a toddler sleep sack, natural skin care can help you see dramatic improvements in itchy, irritated skin.

Bio: Kelly Northey is the founder of Bamboo Bubby, whose first product for eczema babies and toddlers, the Bamboo Bubby Bag™, is a one size fits 6mth-2+ years baby sleep sack made from the softest blend of bamboo and organic cotton fabric. Its unique enclosed, adjustable sleeve grows with babies throughout their entire first 2-3 years, allowing delicate skin to heal naturally while also providing a goodnight’s sleep. Kelly is always happy to talk more about eczema or her growing range of Bamboo Bubby products on her Facebook page.


  1. atxmom1985 on February 15, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Our LO had eczema issues related to food allergy. The scratching was a big issue because her patches wouldn’t heal. We tried the zipadee zip after hearing about it from friends and it worked wonders! She loves it and sleeps great in it.

    • Jennifer Roberge on February 16, 2015 at 10:41 am

      Hi – That’s great! So glad you found some healing! This is the first time I’ve heard of this sleep sack company. Thanks for sharing it with us. Jennifer

  2. Jojo818 on June 7, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Thanks for the tip ATXMom! I saw the Sleeping Baby company on shark tank and actually ended up buying a Zipadee-Zip. Not only does my son look super cute in it, but the swaddle transition blanket truly works!

  3. IrmaLima1234 on August 14, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    My firstborn had eczema issues when she was younger and we put her in a sleep sack that worked really great so she would not scratch herself. We found natural remedies to help & eliminated foods that were irritating her. We love the Zipadee-Zip swaddle transition sack!

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