Eczema: 6 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Confidence

6 Major Steps to Improve The Confidence Of Children With Eczema

By Aradhana Pandey (Bio below)

Preparing your little one for school ought to be one of the proudest moments of your life. It seems like just yesterday that you held them in your warm embrace for the first time. Today, you see them all grown up and set to face a brand new chapter in their life. Until now, your child mostly spent their time playing with you or a few friends that they made at a park down the road. School will expose them to many other kids who may not quite be like them. It’s only now that your child will begin to notice that not everyone has eczema and not all are troubled by the constant itching. As the other kids start to point it out, your child may lose confidence and go into their shell. Ensure you are aware of the possibilities which may arise, and take necessary precautions and action to keep your child from losing their morale. Here are 6 simple steps that can help improve the confidence of children with eczema.

  1. Communicate – A little pep talk from you will help children prepare for major milestones in their life.  Whether it’s his first swimming class or his first day at school, you can help to mentally prepare your child for all the possible reactions from people, so that they are not taken by surprise. It is important that your child clearly understands their condition and knows the facts associated with it. They must be aware that eczema is not communicable and it’s not their fault that they have it.  Do various role plays to teach them the best responses to probable situations, such as facing a bully at school or being isolated from a group. The key is to make your child feel comfortable in their own skin.
  2. Appreciate – A child low on confidence often lacks self-esteem. As all the other kids tag your child as “odd”, they tend to start believing there is indeed something wrong with them. In a situation like this, you must highlight all the good qualities that your child possesses and remind them why you appreciate them. If your child likes arts and crafts, encourage them by praising their work and putting it up on the wall. If they are good at a sport, tell them that if they practice hard, they could grow up to be a champ and the entire world will cheer for them. Even a small act of kindness by your child should be acknowledged by you. Constant, but deserved, appreciation will greatly boost their spirits!
  3. Build A Strong Support System – Before enrolling your child in a new class or school, you should consider speaking with the school principal and your child’s teacher about your child’s condition. Ask the class teacher to educate the students about eczema in a fun way, reading eczema books for children is a great method. to help your child learn and grow to their full potential. Doing this will make them all more compassionate and this additional care will ensure that your child faces minimal discomfort. This will also encourage the other kids in the class to be friendly with your child. 
  4. The Power Of Yoga – It’s not just the soul searchers who advocate the power of the Ayurvedic medicine. Yoga is known throughout the world for improving quality of life. Many studies suggest that it has great healing powers to help eczema too, mainly for its stress reducing benefits. But yoga is not just for adults. It can also help calm and soothe the mind of a distressed child. Teach your child yogic breathing techniques and stretches that not only enhance healing, but also give their personality the required boost. Laughing yoga is a fun and silly form of yoga kids love! For more ideas read: 8 Ways to Relieve Stress in Children With Eczema
  5. Emphasize The Wonders Of Being Different – What the world considers an oddity, is actually a strength, if you make your child believe so.  Explain to them that being different makes them special. Make them look at their condition as an opportunity more than a challenge. Here are a great collection of confidence building kids poems to get you started. And Just the Way I Am is a great story for kids as well.
  6. Read Out Stories From Children’s Books On Eczema – Explaining to your little child their medical condition may not be as easy as it seems. As kids are more emotionally vulnerable, it is important that you handle this delicate situation tactfully. Bring in some children’s books on eczema that have a number of situational references which kids find easy to connect with. Doing this will help your child get a broad understanding of their medical condition while also ensuring that their confidence is not shattered. When they read how other little kids in the stories, who have the same condition,  tackle various situations they will get a sense of security and surely a confidence boost.


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