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13 Home Remedies for Eczema Scars

By Hannah Do (see bio below)

Itching is only half of the battle you have to go through if you have eczema. Because once the itch and scratching subside, you’ll have to deal with the terrible and embarrassing scars. While some scars fade away in time, some of them actually never go away.

If you’ve been chronically suffering from this skin issue, or you just want to prevent it from happening to you, then here are 13 home remedies for eczema scars you can try. Read more

The Eczema Cure: Heal From The Inside Out With Real Food

You invest in a new treatment, hoping the itch and suffering will go away. The redness and itch disappear for a few days, you finally get your piece of mind, but alas it rears its ugly head once again.

Read more

“Will my child outgrow their eczema?” A clinical perspective of the development of atopic dermatitis

By Fatima Lakhani, BS and Peter A. Lio, MD (see bio below)

Eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD) is often thought of as a skin problem mainly affecting infants and young children, most of whom will outgrow the condition [Abuabara]. However, relatively few studies have been conducted to validate these beliefs, and the concept of “outgrowing eczema” remains somewhat mysterious. The relative similarity between childhood and adult eczema prevalence rates suggests that the condition may be more common in adults than generally thought. There are several possible explanations for this, including that many children do not outgrow their eczema or that childhood eczema is replaced by adult eczema, which may actually be different. Additionally, the proportion of children who outgrow eczema may be falsely elevated due to lack of follow-up during later years in life—perhaps some just grow weary of doctor appointments [Abuabara]! Read more

How to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris

By Laura Dolgy

I’ll never forget the days I used to watch my dad pick away at his arms incessantly in our home bathroom. I was always so fascinated as to what he was doing. It wouldn’t be until a few years later when I started seeing those same pinkish/white dots on my arms that I would figure it out

Read more

The Eczema and Allergies Connection: How To Determine if Pollen Is Making Your Skin Flare-Up

By Dr. Hotze (see bio below)

You may be familiar with eczema flare-ups in the winter, as the combination of dry air and extreme temperature changes (cold outside, hot inside) can exacerbate your skin’s condition. However, have you ever considered the correlation between your eczema and allergies?

As a doctor who’s treated many people with eczema, I’ve noticed that springtime allergens like grass and tree pollens can make symptoms worse. By treating the body’s reaction to seasonal allergies, the eczema flare-ups often diminish or disappear. Read more

ScratchMeNot – A lasting, scratching solution for eczema in children

By Andrea Thomas (see bio below)

What started off as a tiny red patch of skin on my newborn daughter, turned into a journey of eczema, skin allergies and craziness. It also inspired me to invent the ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten, a solution that would forever change our family’s experience with eczema.

My daughter was only 2 months when eczema began to rear its face. I, like many moms, went to the doctor to figure out what was wrong. I was told it was just “baby skin”; to give it time for the dry, redness to clear up. Well, it didn’t. Matter of fact, it spread to all of her joints, face and scalp. These are memories I wish I could go back and change; the days of having a screaming and crying child all day and all night that rarely slept and constantly scratched. This was our life for months.

Read more

Top Eczema Treatments Blog – From Itchy to Inspired

By Melissa Hawira (bio below)

What I want to share with you today is my story of eczema and topical steroid addiction how I overcame both conditions and my now burning desire to help people conquer eczema themselves through my website Top Eczema Treatments that discusses natural eczema treatments.

Read more

A Remedy for Itchy Skin – A father and son medical team discover eczema ointment with Eastern botanicals and Western science

By Dr. Steven Q. Wang (bio below)

As a dermatologist and researcher at a world renowned cancer center, I have had many opportunities in the last 10 years to care for sick patients with severe skin diseases and work with scientists and physicians around the world on research to improve skin health.

Three years ago, I started another gratifying and exciting research project. This time, it was with my father, who is a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist in New York City with over 40 years of clinical experience. We set out to discover an eczema ointment that would offer a remedy for itchy skin. Read more

How Home Renovation Affects Allergies and Eczema

By Bryn Huntpalmer (bio below)

Those two words you’ve been dreaming of may also come with a sense of dread: home renovation. Can you really update your home if you have allergies and eczema? The good news is you can, and it may actually improve your allergies in the long run to update your home now. Here’s what you need to know about the affect home renovation may have on your body, and some of Modernize’s smartest solutions to improve your health and your home! Read more

Your Nickel Rash Could Become Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome

By Mary Herrington (bio below)

Before November, 2015 I had never heard of Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome. I had been experiencing allergic rashes to jewelry for years. and couldn’t wear anything but yellow gold. What I didn’t know was that a simple nickel allergic reaction on the outside of my body could also cause systemic issues inside my body. Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome (SNAS) causes not only a rash from nickel on one’s hands, eyelids, inner elbows, knees and buttock but can also involve the respiratory system, neurological system and gastrointestinal system.SNAS can cause rhinitis and bronchial asthma, brain fog and hallucinations and even Celiac-like symptoms. Read more


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