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Allergens and Your Rugs: What’s in There?

Have you ever wondered what is in your rugs? Or wish you didn’t know. Did you know that many potential allergens can inhabit your rugs: dust mites, pet dander, allergens, mold and fungi? Even if you have hardwoods, don’t overlook those area rugs – they are not immune to all the nasties.

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Have Success with Our Eczema Elimination Diet

An eczema elimination diet really isn’t as hard as it may seem and for many it provides a great sense of relief when food allergies or intolerances are discovered. In truth, it’s deciding to do the elimination diet for eczema  and embracing your decision by fully planning and preparing for it, that’s the hardest. But it’s…

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Our Eczema Trials – Cortisone

Ahh, everyone seems to eventually take a side on this one – to apply cortisone or not. I now lean heavily on the avoidance side, but didn’t start out that way. I know that cortisone can help some children or adults for short periods of time, but if eczema continues to be a problem even…

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The Green Monster: Growing Up with Eczema

Kim is new blogger on the eczema scene. I first learned about her blog over on Twitter where she’s constantly tweeting about eczema news and related stories. She had chronic eczema as a child and still suffers today so I asked her to share a story with us from her childhood. I always find it…

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Mild Eczema….Gone!

My youngest has very mild eczema and she first showed signs around 8 months of age – she’s 18 months now. She developed small, rough bumps on the outside of her lower legs. It then spread to the outsides of her thighs and then up the backs of her arms. Her eczema is almost completely…

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