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Allergy Skin Test: How to Prepare Your Child

By Houston Allergy & Sinus (bio below) Mild allergies don’t always get as much attention as other, more serious childhood conditions like asthma or anaphylaxis, but they can still make your child’s – and your – life miserable, and they can exacerbate other conditions. So when your child’s pediatrician says: “I think your child has allergies,”…

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Frustration and Helplessness for Allergic Asthma

Frustration for me is having no answers. Right now I’m very frustrated. Over the past few weeks Tristan’s asthma has started to flare out of control. Every night he has coughing fits as the Ventolin and the air purifier don’t offer the relief they used to. We’re on to Flovent now to see if it…

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Eat, Scratch, Repeat? The Food Allergy and Eczema Connection

By Louise Goldberg RD, CSP, CNSC Eczema can be challenging for kids to deal with and even more challenging for their parents.  My patients tell me having eczema affects all aspects of their life, from difficulty concentrating in school (because of feeling so itchy) to a rough night’s sleep.  Moms and dads become super sleuths…

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