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Going Grain Free: How it Can Heal Your Children

By Dawn Dodge (bio below) There I was for the tenth time that day, watching helplessly while my unclothed two-year old screamed and wept inconsolably on the bed. This time we couldn’t find the right pants. Actually, the right pants didn’t even exist – in our universe anyway. One pair would be painstakingly chosen and…

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Going Gluten-Free for Asthma, Eczema and Your General Health

By: Mitchell Medical Group Gluten-free food has always existed, and so have gluten allergies. But it hasn’t been until somewhat recently that people have decided to cut gluten completely out of their diet for weight-loss reasons, or simply because they just want to jump aboard the new gluten-free fad. In fact, gluten-free eating has become so…

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November 2014: Food Allergy and Celiac Convention, Plus a New GFDF App

 at Coronado Springs Resort & Convention Center in the Walt Disney World Resort November 22, 2014 Celebrating food allergies and celiac disease at one of the top food allergy and gluten free locations in the world. This convention is open to consumers, families, gluten-free and allergen-free companies. Individuals of all ages are welcome and the convention…

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Don’t Give Up: A Mom’s Struggle to Help Her Son

by Megan Pringle (see bio below) THE HISTORY We don’t come from a family of allergic people, although there is a history of family members (on both sides) with autoimmune diseases. So, when my Logan, at age 2 developed mild seasonal eczema as well as seasonal allergic rhinitis, we were able to manage it fairly…

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