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The Best Eczema Diets for Your Skin

For those who suffer from eczema-prone skin, it’s important to think about what foods you put into your body. This is because diet and skin health are closely linked.  In other words, what you eat may be the difference between clear skin and a bad flare-up. Read on to discover the best eczema diets for…

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Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Eczema: Where to Begin

By Laura Dolgy (see bio below) When we suffer from eczema and other irritating skin conditions, we quickly look to healing through various skin treatments like steroids, natural creams or really anything that will give us instant relief. However, did you know that many cases of eczema (and other skin conditions like psoriasis) are actually…

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Inflammation: 13 Foods That Can Reduce it

By  Sabrina Taylor (Bio below) There’s not much of a silver lining when you have skin inflammation. Red, itchy, tender, swollen skin is just not pleasant. Unfortunately, skin inflammation seems to be quite prevalent these days and most people don’t realize how much they can do to prevent it.

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