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Summer Camp Series: Asthma

This is the last of the Summer Camp Series, this time we’ll talk asthma camps. There are by far more camps for children and teens with asthma and I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps because there have been more cases of children with asthma in the past than those diagnosed with food allergies or…

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Eczema: Summer Camp Series

The thought of sending a child with eczema to camp can feel a bit overwhelming. Who’s going to watch them so they don’t scratch? Who’s going to either apply cream to them or remind the child to do it themselves? Who’s going to make sure they avoid their triggers? Who’s going to ensure no one…

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Camp Wingate Kirkland and Allergy Moms

By: Heather Mehra of the No Biggie Bunch As we’re now well through back-to-school and the temperature is dropping, I’m keeping warm by remembering great events of the summer. One I wanted to share with you was my tour of Camp W*K . Thanks to It’s an Itchy Little World, my introduction to Camp W*K…

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