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Contest: Slogan for New Organic Cotton Eczema Clothing for Children

04/11/2012 – Congratulations to our winners! It was such a close race that we chose two winners.

1st place winner from Selena – “Only My Smile is Contagious”

2nd place winner from Ashley “Keep Calm and Carry Balm.”

We’re now working on the designs and will be printing up onesies and small kid’s tee shirts in organic fabric featuring some with each slogan. Oh and bibs too! So happy with all the wonderful entries we had.

**This contest is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone that entered. We received some wonderful suggestions! See them in the comments section below.**

03/07/2012 – UPDATE – Contest is now open to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location!

WANTED: a catchy, cutsie phrase with image idea to print on onesies and other clothing for eczema children to wear proudly.

Little Figs

Tired of people staring at your child’s eczema? How many times have you wanted to shout out “It’s not contagious!” or some other (not as nice) comment? This is your chance to put it in writing for the world to see. If you can imagine a certain image with the slogan – great! Please describe it to us, no drawing necessary. Just the idea is perfect.

Help The Eczema Company find the perfect catch phrase for our little ones with eczema to wear proudly on their clothes. Little Figs will create the design from the winning suggestion and print them on soft, 100% organic cotton fabric.

Contest opens March 6 2012 and ends March 31, 2012 at 10pm EST.

Let the creativity begin!

How to Enter:

1)    Provide your suggestion for a slogan and image idea as a comment to this blog post AND

2)    Like us on Facebook

3)    AND Share the contest on Facebook and Twitter (if you have an account) and linkback to the contest.

Tweet:   Slogan #contest for kid’s organic #eczema clothes from @eczemacompany – Submit ideas to #win prize package. Please RT.

4)    Multiple entries are permitted.


This contest is open to everyone (blogger or not). The more suggestions the better! Let’s find a great slogan deserving of our little ones with eczema.

Winning Prize Package:

(A value of $60)

  • From Little Figs – One (1) 100% organic cotton onesie and one (1) matching hat of your choice.
  • From The Eczema Company – One (1) Souris Verte’s Organic Shea Body Butter and one (1) Herbozinc Cream

Winner Selection:

One winning slogan with image suggestion will be chosen. The winning slogan and image idea will be chosen by It’s an Itchy Little World and will be based on creativity and appropriateness. The winner will receive the winning prize package consisting of one cotton onsie and matching hat from Little Figs and one Souris Verte Shea Body Butter and one Souris Verte Herbozinc Cream from The Eczema Company. The winner will be notified within one week after the contest ends. A public announcement will also be made. The winner has one week to respond with their onesie and hat design choice and size as well as shipping address. If the winner does not respond within one week, there winning will be forfeited and a new winner will be declared and notified.

Intellectual Property:

All submitted slogans and images must be original and not based on any pre-existing design, image, or design. Once submitted, all slogans, catch phrases, images, and image ideas submitted for the contest become the sole property of The Eczema Company and can be reproduced online, in print, or on merchandise by The Eczema Company. The Eczema Company may use the slogans and image ideas as they are submitted and maintains the rights to alter them in any way.

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  1. Linda Scott #

    Hi, I’m Linda.. new to this space. Can someone help me find a site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

    I’ve found a few sites but not all their products are organic or eco-friendly, and it’s hard to find a site that has cute stuff.

    May 7, 2012
  2. Life’s an Itch

    Just scratching the surface of life.

    Don’t make any RASH judgements.

    March 30, 2012
    • Those are really great! Man, you’re not going to make this an easy decision. Thanks!

      March 30, 2012
  3. Noel Mathews #

    Picture: ( a bottle of lotion)
    Saying: OHH!! Now thats what I’m talkin about!!!!

    March 26, 2012
  4. 1. 100% Organic 100% Adorable
    2. I’m just itchin’ for a hug!
    3. Baby don’t do polyester!

    March 20, 2012
  5. Please add these to your list of other great ideas – thx:

    Love has many Faces…wait till you see my Smile!
    (smiley face with exaggerated smile)

    I’m Hi-Fashion with this Rash-thing!
    (smiley face with glitter around it)

    ‘Baby under Construction’, please excuse the rough edges
    (smiley face with a hard-hat)

    “You can Touch me, I’m only Ticklish!”
    (smiley face, laughing hysterically, with happy tears)

    #5 “Sometimes I’m Ir-Rash-tional, but you gotta Love me!”
    (two smiley faces side by side, 1 looks irritated, the other happy)

    “I’ve just got a Rash, what’s your excuse?”
    (smiley face with arms folded, sarcastic look)

    March 19, 2012
    • Cute, cute, cute! Great additions. Thanks so much!

      March 19, 2012
  6. I have eczema. What’s your problem? (angry baby face)

    After living in this skin the rest is a piece of cake. (baby sitting on top of the Earth)

    My skin is angry but I’m one cool cat! (baby on a beach chair, with an eczema company bottle (sunscreen) by its side)

    March 13, 2012
    • These are really wonderful! Thank you so much for posting Eric!

      March 13, 2012
  7. Skinsitive (this one word in place of a brand name on a lotion bottle graphic, or typeset in a superhero style font)

    The following typeset with a fun / stylish font only, no graphics:
    “Itchin’ for Attention”
    “itchin’ for affection”
    “I’m No Speck-tacle!”

    “Keep Calm and Carry Balm” (same layout and typesetting as the classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that’s uber popular right now. Instead of a crown, have a graphic of a tube or bottle of ointment)

    A cute little graphic of an inch worm and under it, small typeset wording: “Itch Worm”

    “Derma-queen” (for girls, float a tiara above the phrase)
    “Derma-king” (for boys, float a little crown above the phrase)

    March 13, 2012
    • These are all super cute ideas! Thanks so much!!!!

      March 13, 2012
      • I’ve asked the rest of my staff to participate if they have ideas. We have tons of talent here, so I hope they come up with some more for you.

        March 14, 2012
      • That’s great! Can’t wait to see what those creative brains come up with!!!!

        March 14, 2012
    • Chelven #

      i love the Derma-king and Derma-queen!! :)

      March 16, 2012
      • I know! Hilarious! There are so many great entries that I’m not sure how we’ll ever select just one winner. I think it will come down to a vote on the FB page. Stay tuned. Would love your vote!

        March 16, 2012
  8. Ok…. here’s my ideas!

    ** I scratch for a living, what do you do?
    ** Stare here (with an arrow towards the baby’s face)
    ** So I’m a little itchy today… (a little stick figure with his hands up)
    ** It’s not polite to stare (face w/ the tongue sticking out)
    ** I can read minds… it’s eczema

    March 13, 2012
  9. Slogan – I need an extra hand!

    Picture – Cute baby scratching with one hand scratching head, one hand scratching neck, and tummy says ‘Need some scratching here’

    March 12, 2012
    • I knew you had a fun idea! Thanks Mei!

      March 12, 2012
  10. Karla Corley #

    Chicken Skin with a lil chicken!

    We were told that ezcema looks like chicken skin and sure enough when jakes flares it does and when not flared he still feels like chicken

    Bumpy? Who you callin Bumpy?

    See me as I see you , Perfect !

    March 12, 2012
    • Love them! Great ideas! Thanks so much, Karla!

      March 12, 2012
  11. OK, this is what I can think of at the moment. Not creative enough to think of images. I know I am not following contest protocol!

    Scratch your back
    I’ll scratch mine

    The Itchy and Scratchy Show (ideally w/graphic from the Simpsons, but that’s probably trademarked)

    Got filaggrin?

    I make rash decisions

    You don’t know itch

    Itchy and bitchy

    I am one of the 20%

    March 12, 2012
    • Those are all great! I knew you had some fun ideas. The “I make rash decisions” made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

      March 12, 2012
  12. Nicki Myers #

    I get a soothing massage with marshmellow cream 6 times a day? I bet you’re jealous?

    March 12, 2012
    • Ha! Cute. Thanks for entering! Please feel free to keep making suggestions.

      March 12, 2012
  13. sarah chapman. #

    if I scratch , distract me with a smile!

    i need my beddy bye creams so i can dream (insert pic of teddy wearing pjs)

    March 12, 2012
    • Thanks for your two entries and for the FB like! Wonderful ideas!

      March 12, 2012
  14. sarah chapman. #

    If you see me scratch, distract me with a smile!

    i need my beddy bye creams so i can dream! (picture of a teddy in pjs)

    March 12, 2012
  15. Organic Only For Me! (with a smiley face )

    March 9, 2012
  16. I KNOW I’M CUTE BUT IT’S RUDE TO STARE. (Img Cute splochy Baby face with its tongue out.)

    March 9, 2012
    • Cute! Thanks for entry! If you have another idea, please share it with us.

      March 9, 2012
  17. My son is so much better now but a couple years ago it would bring me to tears when people stared and I would drop him off at prechool or sunday school and had to explain he wasn’t contagious!!

    March 8, 2012
    • I can only imagine how hard that must have been. Luckily for Tristan, we found his triggers and cleared his eczema before he hit school age. What do you wish you could have told those people? Is there a saying or expression you thing would represent your child – something that he could have worn on a tshirt?

      March 8, 2012
  18. Only my smile is contagious. With a happy face image. :)

    March 6, 2012

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