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Is This The Future & The End of Food Allergies In Children?

By Sabra Way

Imagine this. Three children ages 9-16 with such severe food allergies that one could not go to school, routine activities were curtailed and travelling was out of the question. All three children had experienced frequent anaphylactic reactions and their food allergy included inhaled and skin contact allergic reactions.  In a 2 year period, the children had between 30 and 400 allergic reactions with multiple epinephrine administrations and ER visits. Despite avoiding their food allergen, they continued to have reactions. In all cases, their food allergy was ruling their life, some could not attend school or participate in sports and doctors and allergists said there was nothing more to be done. Read more

Important Resources For Adult Eczema

In general I find most the information about eczema out there is geared towards children, so today I wanted to focus on adult eczema. The following is a list of products and resources for providing relief for eczema or atopic dermatitis in adults. Read more

8 Ways to Relieve Stress in Children With Eczema and Other Health Conditions

Eczema and Stress Go Hand-in-Hand

We know that stress is a very common eczema trigger and we also know that having eczema causes a lot of stress. So, it’s fair to say that eczema and stress go hand-in- hand. The question is, how can you relieve stress in children with eczema or any other health condition? Here are a few ideas to try in order to find the best stress reliving techniques for your children.


1. Yoga

It’s not only healthy for the mind, body and spirit, but its super fun for kids. My children love their YogaKids DVD, but there are a lot of other options out there to try. One really VERY silly option is Laughter Yoga – this is a cute video that explains what it is and provides a few examples. I’m going to be trying this one out with my kids today after school today. Yoga can work wonders on stress induced eczema for children and adults. Read more

Gluten-Free For Eczema, Asthma and All Around Good Health

This is a guest post courtesy of Mitchell Medical Group.

Gluten-free food has always existed, and so have gluten allergies. But it hasn’t been until somewhat recently that people have decided to cut gluten completely out of their diet for weight-loss reasons, or simply because they just want to jump aboard the new gluten-free fad.

In fact, gluten-free eating has become so popular, some people may have forgotten that there actually is a largely positive effect of switching over to a gluten-free diet besides losing weight.

According to Dr. Dean Mitchell, an allergy expert, eating gluten can cause what is referred to as “gluten brain.” Your brain health deteriorates as a result of consuming too much gluten – mainly because today’s wheat is highly processed – which can cause overall fogginess, memory loss, and a lack of energy. Read more

How to Find YOUR Best Eczema Treatment

Is there really such a thing as THE BEST eczema treatment?

That’s easy. No, there is not. There is no one single product or therapy that is the best treatment for eczema for every single person. Don’t we all wish there was? Why can’t there be a simple fix or a miracle treatment for all? It’s because all of our bodies are so different and our triggers really vary from person to person, therefore no one product or therapy will be effective for everyone. And treatments are great when you find one that works for you, but it’s still just treating the symptoms of your eczema and not curing your eczema by getting to the root cause. So, while we’ll talk about some wonderful products today, keep in mind that they only treat the symptoms and when the eczema is chronic, it’s best to treat the skin topically while also looking inside the body at your overall health to determine why your eczema continues to be a problem.

Since we know there is no single best treatment for eczema for everyone, let’s talk instead about products and therapies helpful for many in treating the symptoms associated with eczema. Maybe one of these options will be the answer to finding your best eczema treatment. Read more

7 Reasons to Try a Baby to Toddler Sleep Sack (Guest Post)

For Eczema and More: The Benefits of a Baby to Toddler Sleep Sack

From insomnia and restlessness to hair pulling and scratching from eczema or allergies, sleep sacks for toddlers and babies are one of the most simple and effective ways to help your child get great sleep with none of the hassle. Often overlooked, sleep sacks provide a safe, secure, and easy-to-use option for any parent who wants to ensure that their child gets deep, healing sleep night after night. They are available in sizes for infants up to toddlers and some even come in expandable sizes to grow with your child. Sleep sacks deliver a whole array of benefits, and we’re going to explore some of them with you today!

Read more

How To Treat Eczema On Face

When you or your child have facial eczema it can be extremely difficult emotionally because it’s easily seen by others. If the eczema on the face is really severe, this often means strangers will make comments. You know the ones… “What happened to your child?!” and “Is THAT contagious?” and “Oh you poor thing!” (You can see more of this in our video.) Then it’s followed by a string of suggestions that are meant well, but they were unsolicited and nothing you hadn’t heard a million times before. All this adds stress, how could it not? And we all know that stress is a very common eczema trigger. Read more

Salt Therapy: A Natural Remedy for Eczema and Asthma (guest post)

What is Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, is a natural, relaxing method of relieving the irritating symptoms associated with skin and lung conditions.  With origins in 1800s Poland, Halotherapy was first created by Dr. Feliks Boczkowski who witnessed that salt mine workers didn’t suffer from common respiratory ailments of the time like tuberculosis.  Noticing a correlation between the salt and lung function, they decided to build sanitariums in the natural caves, creating the first salt cave.  Russia developed the technology to form a microclimate based on the salt cave in the 1980s and the technology made its way to North America in the ‘90s. Read more

Does Your Child’s Eczema Get Worse in the Winter? (Guest Post)

By Sabra Way (Bio below)

Vitamin D supplementation in the winter may have just become even more important for children with atopic dermatitis (AD). Especially, if it gets worse with the fall-to-winter transition and they have a vitamin D deficiency. A recent study found that vitamin D supplementation improved AD symptoms in just 30 days. The children received either 1000 I.U. of vitamin D  or placebo every day for one month. At the end of one month the children’s symptoms improved by 29%! There was a reduction in redness, scaliness, swelling and itchiness, as well as, the total area affected by eczema. Read more

Meet My Two Little Helpers At The Eczema Company

Saturday morning I stumbled out of the kitchen and into something unexpected. My two kids had set up shop in the middle of our living room. When I asked them what they were doing they said and I quote “We’re working at The Eczema Company.” Read more


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