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Announcing the Itching for a Cure Walk – Chicago

Are you in the Chicago Area?

If so, then check out the Itching for a Cure walk, a National Eczema Association event dedicated to eczema advocacy. For more information check out their event website.

itching for a cure eczema walk chicago 2015

How to Prevent Scratching When Itchy Skin Is Relentless In Babies & Children

If you have an itchy baby or an itchy toddler, I don’t need to tell you how impossible of a task it seems to be able to prevent them from scratching their skin. Our innocent little ones turn into these Houdinis that can wiggle and squirm in just the right unbelievable way to reach that pesky itchy spot. And they are relentless in scratching their itchy skin. They will scratch until it hurts and it bleeds because that is the only way they know to make the itching stop. Not only does this intense scratching cause bleeding, but it makes the eczema worse, more inflamed, and many times can create an infection. Obviously, that’s the last thing we want. So, just how can you prevent your itchy baby from scratching their itchy skin? Here are a few things you can try: Read more

How Going Grain Free Healed My Child

By Dawn Dodge (bio below)

There I was for the tenth time that day, watching helplessly while my unclothed two-year old screamed and wept inconsolably on the bed. This time we couldn’t find the right pants. Actually, the right pants didn’t even exist – in our universe anyway. One pair would be painstakingly chosen and put on, only for her face to crumble in dismay, take them off crying, and choose another pair: and the whole process would start over again, never resolving. None of the pants were right.

It was during a moment like this that I told myself I was finally going to make the call. No more putting it off, we needed to find a doctor that could help. Something was not right here, and it wasn’t just the pants. Deep down, I somehow just knew that this wasn’t a simple case of “terrible twos.” This was something more, and I needed to know what it was. Read more

How to Prepare Your Child for an Allergy Skin Test

By Houston Allergy & Sinus (bio below)

Mild allergies don’t always get as much attention as other, more serious childhood conditions like asthma or anaphylaxis, but they can still make your child’s – and your – life miserable, and they can exacerbate other conditions. So when your child’s pediatrician says: “I think your child has allergies,” you may be wondering – and dreading – what’s next, especially if your child is afraid of needles.

Fortunately, allergy tests for kids are incredibly common, and since many children have to go through them; the testing has been refined so that it’s as painless as possible. These purpose of allergy testing in children is simple: To identify the substances your child is allergic to. Once you know what the substances are, you can avoid them if at all possible or pursue other treatments if not. Read more

Our Eczema Trials: Safe Laundry Detergent Alternatives

In our family, we do a LOT of laundry. I’m sure you feel the same and that it’s just never-ending. Even though laundry was part of my daily routine, when my son developed eczema, I never considered the fact that his skin condition could somehow be related to our laundry routine. After my son was diagnosed with eczema I researched the condition endlessly, as I’m sure you did as well, but I kept coming across something time and time again. Laundry detergent.

Are laundry detergents an eczema trigger?

The first thing I found is that some people can actually be allergic or sensitive to ingredients in laundry detergents, so in these cases the detergent can be an eczema trigger. Read more

Top Tips for Traveling With Food Allergies & Eczema

By Emily Lucas (bio below)

What are your favorite memories from family vacations? Building sand castles on the beach? Skidding down the fastest slide at the water park? Laughing at your mum’s ridiculously floppy sun hat? Getting your hair braided? Posing for a caricaturist?

Vacations are to be treasured, enjoyed, and reminisced. But they are also sometimes cause for great stress and worry! Heart pounding from adrenaline. The weight of the world on my shoulders. Surely life’s most responsible job. I was 10 years old and I was given the task of helping the airport staff lift our suitcases onto the conveyor belt and watch them roll away. Feeling as if it was down to me and me alone for the safe arrival of our bags. I can still remember the relief when they appeared on the other side at Majorca’s airport. Read more

Are Antibiotics Contributing to the Rise in Food Allergies?

Do you or someone in your family have food allergies? Then this study will interest you. Scientists discovered that by altering the gut bacteria of mice with anti-biotics they could confer peanut allergy in the mice. Then they re-colonized the mice’s guts with a common mammal gut bacteria and reversed the peanut allergy. All by changing the bacteria in their guts! You can see the study here.

The type and quantity of bacteria in our gut have an integral role in our health. Called our microbiome, it has a place in digestion, immune function and now it looks like food allergies. Read more

My Experience With Hydrotherapy: an Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

One day, while scouring through social media feeds, I came across an intriguing tweet about a new home spa being marketed as a treatment for dermatitis called MicroSilk® by Jason Hydrotherapy. I have heard wonderful things about hydrotherapy as an eczema treatment, especially regarding the Avene Hydrotherapy Center in France, but let’s be serious here, France isn’t exactly accessible for most people. Yes, surely the Hydrotherapy Center is wonderful and can provide great relief for eczema, but the treatment is likely a one time thing. Not many of us can afford to hop a jet and fly over for treatment when our next flare up happens. But hydrotherapy in our own home, now that’s interesting.

What is MicroSilk®?

Read more

Some Days I Feel Like…”I Just Can’t!”

Oh man. Today is one of those days. I feel like such a failure in regards to my son’s health. Just when I thought things were under control – the allergies, intolerances, asthma, eczema (on top of the attitude and aggression that comes with being a six-year-old boy) – now we have something new to add to our every growing list of issues to manage…dental health.

Tristan, now at six years old, walked away from a dental appointment today with eight cavities. EIGHT!!! Yes, you heard that right. EIGHT!!! Ugh. How did this happen? Read more

One Family’s Search For A Peanut Allergy Cure

Written by Robyn Charron (bio below)

At 6 months old, after 3 months of constantly pushing our pediatrician for answers as to why our infant son, Rory was covered in eczema and contact rashes, a food allergy blood test revealed that he had a deadly peanut allergy.  Ten months later a skin test showed a dozen more allergies, several of them very serious and possibly anaphylactic.  We began carrying an EpiPen Jr. everywhere we went and made sure to tell friends, family, waiters and preschool staff about his peanut and tree nut allergies.  It wasn’t until Rory was 3 ½ years old that I slipped up—  I allowed him to eat a cookie without reading the ingredients on the box – not only did the cookie contain a tree nut, but it was manufactured on shared equipment with another product containing peanuts.  Within 40 minutes my son was in full-blown anaphylaxis:  coughing, gagging, swollen eyes and hives.  We were in a panic, but the EpiPen Jr. saved his life.  Rory was taken to the ER by ambulance and discharged in the morning.  17 hours after the first episode, he relapsed when the epinephrine wore off.  That time the allergy symptoms were different:  confusion, euphoria, speaking nonsense, swollen tongue.  His school director recognized the signs and was quick to use epinephrine again and he was admitted overnight to the Children’s Hospital. Read more


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